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VisitSafely is our plug and play solution that helps you simplify and modernize your visitor management processes
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We help healthcare organizations address underserved areas in care operations and improve their care quality and operational efficiency with innovative software systems that are easy to deploy and use.

With our laser-focus on the healthcare industry, James Madison Advisory Group (JMAG) is able to deliver solutions that closely match our users' workflows and fill in the gaps left by generic software packages.

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JMAG wins 1st place in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Easy EHR Issue Reporting Challenge with its innovative QuickCapture product.

James Madison Advisory Group demonstrates prize winning QuickCapture app at the 2019 IHI Forum.


Easy EHR Reporting Tool

Easy EHR Reporting makes it easy to report usability issues and safety events without interrupting the EHR workflow, regardless of the EHR platform in use


Visit Management System

Simplify, modernize and supercharge your visitor management processes. No need for special hardware. Deploy today.


Employee Engagement Platform

Gather feedback efficiently and manage performance effectively to improve employee retention and achieve organizational objectives